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Insurance Guidance Needed Please

I just moved from upstate New York to Florida and had no luck with Medicaid, nor could I afford anything in the Marketplace. (Had brain AVM in March 2013 with emergency crainiotomy). Can anyone offer any guidance on which companies offer health insurance coverage for AVM survivors?

Can’t help you much with the question but do recall some posts concerning health insurance, hopefully someone is able to provide some insight. Take Care, John

Hey there S.D. I was covered by C.H.M. (Christian Healthcare Ministries). I know there are stipulations on getting accepted and technically it’s not health insurance but an HSA. You can find out more by searching for CHM in your preferred browser. Now I’m covered by Medicaid, but CHM covered my hospitalisations. Blessings as you continue!

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I’d be careful about health share ministries. I was on one called Aliera and it was a nightmare. At first the hospital didn’t want to take it, we had to pay a big deposit up front. Then they wouldn’t pay my bill. Took fourteen months of non stop calls to get them to cough up the money. The last thing you need after brain surgery. Thank god for my husband who took it all on for me.

Hey there Cancrd. I wholeheartedly agree with you in principle. Most of the time these healthcare ploys are nothing but a quick pay scheme for the owners of the business and not members of the healthcare group. But, I can say from personal experience, they paid nearly $10,000 dollars on my behalf from the different evaluation principles, hospitalizations, etc. They are legitimate! But again, I definitely am very skeptical of any group plan because we were burned by another healthcare scam prior to this one! Thanks for the tip though!