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Instructions To Finding Peace In Pain

Hello everyone!,

My name is Haneef, I had an AVM rupture in my temporal-parietal-occipital lobe in 2017. a few weeks after my 24th birthday. I was as a result it left me with left side hemiplegia. It was and still is tough to deal with the drastic changes. I started writing in my free time as a form of therapy. A year and a half later I formed all that I wrote into a book. My book is now published and is available on amazon. I just wanted to share this with you all because I believe you can relate to it and benefit from reading my story and how my avm changed my outlook on life. The book is titled “Instructions to finding Peace in Pain.” This platform has been very helpful to me and I wanted to share the book with you to give back and help others as I truly believe its content will motivate, help and benefit others.

Here is the link to it on Amazon:

I would really appreciate it if you all can check it out, get a copy, or leave a positive review and share it with family and friends.Thanks!:slightly_smiling_face:


I think this is a great idea, so I’ve moved the post to our AVM 101 category so people might find it in future.

I hope you’re ok that people who read the book share here how they got on with it; otherwise linking to the book might count as sponsorship and we may need to charge you for advertising :hushed:

Very best wishes,