Inspiration From My Grandmother

I have just returned from a trip to Brownwood Texas. It was a good trip, but a bitter-sweet one. My grandmother, known to her grand kids as "Nennah", passed away last week at the age of 90. I was there to attend her funeral. One of the things that I most remember about her, is she was a fighter. She had serious hip problems for many years, but she worked so hard after each surgery to get back to walking and living life. So how appropriate was it, that when I had my brain bleed and brain surgery-stroke, that some of the most inspiring words I heard were from her. I was finally "allowed" to make some phone calls. So, I called her up one day. "James Larken", that's what she called me, "I want you to listen to your Nennah hun. You are going to get through this. You need to work hard, listen to and do what your physical therapist tell you to do". It was so very true. Even in he last days, in a nursing home, she was doing physical therapy. So I really tried my best to follow through with that. This is the woman who, when I was in the hospital 20 years earlier for a lung problem, paid the 1000$ co-pay for me, without even telling me about it at first. She had her quirks, lol. We joked about her stories, they always seemed to grow. But she was a wonderful grandmother, and in her way, truly inspired me to work on my recovery from brain surgery. I hope I'll instill that to my kids and future grandkids now and in the future....

James I am sorry for your loss , it is difficult when someone whom we love and admire muust move on .
I see your Grandmother is a part of you and you seem a bit more clear to me . Genetics can be a good base from which to build . May you continue to be the inspiration that you are and may your stories grow …

Seeing your Nennah’s photo made my morning! What a wonderful life she had, I just lost my Grandfather at 94, I think if you can live that long without major problems such as cancer, alzheimers and there are many more, you are very blessed. I hope the wonderful memories will be of comfort to you, I know it helps me.

I’m sorry for your loss, James. Only grandmothers can be sweet as sugar and tough as nails at the same time. Thank you for sharing this with us.

Hi James,

Glad you had this wonderful woman as your grandmother. Peace be with you at this time.

Take care,


She made a good impression on you, that is all we can ask for as parents/grandparents.

RIP Nennah