Insight of a stroke

Has anyone read the book 'Insight of a stroke" by Dr.Jill Bolte Taylor? I am interested in readin git wanted to get some feedback

I went to the library to look for it today as a matter of fact. It was out. So I am interested to hear if it is worth reading. Don’t label me as being a nit picker but I think it is called My stroke of Insight just in case you have trouble finding it.

yes that is it I knew it was something to that effect, I have it written down somewhere. If you get it soon let me know how it is.

For the 20 minute version, go here:

I’m reading it now and am finding it really interesting!

yes i read the book, it was a great book. amazed she could remember even the smallest of details.

I forgot about this book think i’ll go to library tomorro see if I can get it aswell

I haven’t read the book but I did watch her special on Oprah though. I was really dissapointed about the lack of talk about “AVM” itself…I think they mentioned it for a breif minute or so…it was mostly “stroke” talk…but this woman definitely has an amazing story to tell so I’de love to read it.