Ins. Update

Hello everyone and thank you all so much for the warm welcome and well wishes. The insurance company finally came through today with the approval for the cyber knife treatments for Ashley…so now we are waiting on the dr’s and treatment plan. Since we have waited this long we are more than likely going to wait until Ashley’s spring semester is over for college(may 15th)before scheduling cyber knife. She is continuing to have no symptoms and excelling in her academics!! Looking into lining up some internships for the summer…so…we hope the side effects will be as minimal as the dr’s say. Wishing the spring would finally come as it has been a very, very long winter. Wishing you all sunshine and blue skies!!!

Thats great news!!!
:heart: Kaleena

Congrats I know insurance is the first hurdle. Keep us posted!

Good news!

That’s great to hear. You’ll see that the cyberknife will be painless and she will only have to miss one day of school (or none at all).