Initial Visit With My Neurosurgeon

OK, so I just got back from UNC Hospital in Chapel Hill, NC. I met my neurosurgeon, Dr. Anand Germanwala (right), for the first time. He has a disk with my MRI/MRA images and we reviewed my case. We talked about my symptoms - visual deficit in the left eye - and the various options that are out there. But Dr. Germanwala didn't want to discuss the particulars of my case, or my treatment options, until I get an angiogram. This, of course, I anticipated. So, I have my angiogram scheduled for Thursday, August 19th, and a follow-up visit with Dr. Germanwala on Friday, August 27th.

Here is a video of my doctor:

He is awesome. I really like him. He said I should keep doing whatever I want, including travel overseas. There is no reason to suspect a bleed is imminent. Or, more to the point, no way to tell. But, I have been living with this AVM all my life. That's 49 years now. So, if it's going to bleed tomorrow, it's going to bleed tomorrow no matter what I do. He also said the worst thing you can do is go in interventionally and emergently after a "pissed off" AVM. This is good. I may actually go back to Amsterdam before my angiogram. He has removed the sense of urgency that I had. It doesn't mean I will drag my feet, but it's nice to know that there is not a reason to react with urgency or fear to this thing.

That is good news John, congradulations.

Sounds like a good visit, and as a neighbor Virginian I have heard wonderful things about UNC. My husband had done very well with his recovery from his surgery Sept 08. I’ll be anxious to hear what the agram tells your doc and the plan of action. Have a great time in your travels, my husband loved his Amsterdam visit years ago!



It would seem that we have a lot in common with our AVM’s. (life choices)

Lemme know how your angiogram goes, and keep me posted.

Thumbs up!!! It sounds like you have already made a connection with your doc and that is GREAT! It helps so much to feel confident in his ability fix your head. Congratulations!!!

Good for you,John, I’m happy you feel that way, I keep telling my Daughter Sheila, The same thing,Don’t put you live on hold… go out and enjoy life! Having a good doctor is a wonderful feeling ,Someone who you can trust your life with,Take care,Teresa

Congratulations John! It is so good to have faith in your surgeon…I believed in mine completely, actually call him one of ‘My Angels’. Enjoy your trip and I look forward to hearing of your journey through AVM world. Take care, Lesley.

Congradulations, John! I’m so happy to hear your good news! Enjoy your travels!

“…until I get an angiogram”

John, here’s a tip I give to people that haven’t had an angiogram… they will tape the tube that goes into your groin with some tape that makes Duct Tape look like childs play. So when they are shaving the area around where the tube goes in, tell them not to be afraid… go ahead and have them shave an extra big area. You would rather have your hair shaved off than ripped off taking the tape off the next day. I have another angiogram coming up soon and I’m thinking of getting some Nair and going in hairless…lol