I am just trying to find info on the dr who is going to remove this thing and what to expect.

Hi Steve. I did a search for your surgeon on here and found nothing. A lot of members here do not list their doctors. I have some questions to ask you. Are you having a craniotomy done? There are different ways to treat AVMs. Did you get more than one opinion? Have you point blank asked this surgeon how many AVMS has he dealt with? Is he planning on doing a follow-up angiogram after surgery? Is he planning to give you anti-seizure meds after surgery as a preventive measure?


Ask questions,...ask questions,...and if I haven't mentioned it before,....ask questions....*wink*

Barbara H. made a very good list to begin with. If your surgeon is worth his/her salt,....he/she will answer any and all of your surgery concerns directly and not pass you off to an underling for answers.

IF Not,...

Get another surgeon's opinion, and one that WILL address your surgery concerns.

A surgeon does his/her job everyday, and part of that job is to answer his/her patients surgery questions.

Ask about recovery times and lengths.

Follow up treatment and procedures.


Steve,...all AVM's are different, as the people with them. Make a pending question list of your own, take someone with you to make notes, (different people hear different things differently), compare notes after your appt.

Steve, .02,...good luck with your decision.


As a suggestion, contact his office and ask if he has any patient(s) willing to speak with you. This will hopefully help give you the reassurance you need. Have you Googled your NS to see of any ratings??

In the meantime, keeping asking all the wonderful survivors here for their suggestions! :)

Take care,