Information on Gamma knife?

So i had never heard of this procedure until i joined. We were told our only options for treatment were, radiation (not eligable), embolization (not enough) and full out surgery. So i was just wondering why we were not told about this. Any info would be great!

Hi there Ashey, if I recall correctly Gamma is another form of radiation. Perhaps this site might make it a tad bit easier for you to understand radiation. I have been a patient for 24 years and am now 51 years of age. Was a test rat back in 1985 for the glue, but they did not get to complete the procedure. Bummer Huh. So Monday rolled around the we went for the Crain. It’s 2009 now, and last month I did stereotactic which is a different form of radiation. So, if you go to this link, and then click on the tab which says “Learn”, I feel it might help you to understand a little more about the radiation. Keep in touch, would love to know how things are going.

Gamma Knife is radiation therapy. Look here:
for info from Toronto Western.
Did they say why your husband is not a candidate for radiation?