Info after one year post gamma knife

I had tunnel vision. When on steroids three separate times this summer the brain swelling is gone and my vision is back. My doctor at the University of Kentucky decided to do a cerebral angiogram on 23 September 2020. He injected into my brain through my groin mannitol to open the brain barrier and put Avastin into my brain. Pray this grows new blood vessels so I don’t have to be opened up and have full on brain surgery. Why AVM and aneurysm are nearly obliterated. That’s one blessing but I developed radiation necrosis from the gamma knife.


My sugar is very high ever since I’ve been on all the steroids. I know how to spell but I have to use the microphone so I don’t have to type all this because my eyes are blurry from the diabetes.

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Praying for you:)

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Thank you