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Infection over AVM treatment

Hey, just checking in to see if it got any better? Hoping everything is going smoothly :slight_smile:

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hello @Mel1315 and welcome so glad you found our group. So sorry about your wound. Sounds like you have gotten some great advice about the wound care. A few other items I want to suggest are drugs that help with histamines H1 and H2 blockers that can help with that itchy feeling zantac and zyrtec, These can be bought here in the USA without a drs script. If after a week you are still itchy ask your dr to write a script for doxepin. You can start light around 50 mg. It also helps with mast cell issues when our body is acting itself are histamines and tryptases levels are high. Sometimes an illness or a trauma can send us into this Mast cell activation - This happened to my younger sister and I did a lot of research cause she was in and out of the hospital and actually diagnosed her. Our pain dr finally listened and treated her and she got stable then her immune tested her, but you can test neg and still have it ( she tested positive even though she was medicated. I hope this helps some and keep us updated.

Thank you so much for coming back to me. Like I said before, the concern that you people here have is just rare!

Sorry I haven’t followed up. I actually joined for my PG (English lit) so I haven’t been an active visitor. In fact, today my first semester exams got over so now’s a great time.

Regarding my wound, I can only say it affects less now. By mere chance I came across an ointment (clop-g) which seems to do good work. I apply it daily before bed and the itching has subsided a lot. But what affected me more than the itching was how the skin crusted over making me uncomfortable in public. Luckily, it also has reduced and the skin doesn’t come out dry as before. The skin there now appears redder than forming a crust. I frankly haven’t looked up what this ointment actually does because for me, its doing the temporary fix. I’ve been going to college this whole semester with its help.

But then, I know this is just temporary. My infected area remains the same and if I miss the ointment for a day or two, the old issues creep up. I also don’t know how long this solution can hold. I tried contacting Dr. Suen through email but didn’t get a reply. I’m gonna try again. Because many doctors I consulted here send me to a dermatologist and whatever medicines I tried, the wound just remains suppressed and shows no sign of healing.

As to what you suggested Parneish, I haven’t been very successful in taking good care of it. Because I go to college mostly 6 days a week and our class hours range anywhere between 9/10 to 4/5:30. And there’s no point in using the ointment because soon as I get there, I’ll start sweating it off (the temp over the avm is higher so its the first place to sweat in my body). And the climate here is also a problem. That’s why I said I apply it only at nights. I just try not to be so much concerned over it and so I haven’t sought better alternatives for a long time.

And Angela, even the simple names you suggested to me are unfamiliar. I must admit that I’ve been a bit too ignorant about all these things and try to drag along with the simple remedies I have at hand. I’ll consult it with a medical professional in my family and see what options I have. Your suggestion would probably help because even though my situation has bettered, just only last week I sprayed blood all around my room by carelessly itching (sprayed, because the cut was like a small point and the blood came out like a projectile lol!). That was just before dressing for exams; thank god I had enough time to clean up!

So I guess that’s it. I’m really grateful for you people coming back to me. I know its bit messy situation but thankfully, I have enough things going to keep my mind engaged. I try to think less of it and do the remedies as a mere routine. Hope I won’t run into worse situations for the time being!

Hey P…

It sounds like we are in a different place but on the same path. It was my fourth embolization and surgery that finally made it darn near impossible to come back the way I was.

So instead, I’m working on coming back as the new me. AVM in left brain, neck spinal cord and all. Lot’s of good times – wait, not really.

Mel - while I’ve been here for a while, I haven’t been very active until this last round. Mel, Dick, Seenie - they are all the real deal and are the most awesome people I’ve never met.

While mine is not the same, if I can ever help, say the word…


Hi TJ, its great that you’ve come to follow an old thread. I just went through your profile and I can only go to the extent of saying that your life has been eventual. The issues that my avm gave me was more psychological than physical. People here like Richard have been repeatedly telling me to stop being over concerned about it. You remind me the same. Anyway, I hope you’re now accustomed to your condition, that you’re the “new me”. I’m really glad that you’ve come to extend support. The kinda positivity you people give is adorable… I should’ve found this community early!