In this empty shell

Oh my michael I am finding it so hard to breath theese days.My heart is still broken it akes so bad! Thoue it has been ten years since I have seen the sun and felt realy alive. How did a moment in time turn to a day a day to a week then to a year in a blink of my eye ten years have passed.I try to pickup the pices along my lifes path.I tell each new day that I am fine but realy my sole feels as thoue it has faded away.unable to feel or share my love.I’m a prisner in side of this empty lord Jesus I have to find away to feel alive have caried me 10 years thrue this reched storm oh my lord i feel will it ever end.I will never let your hand go for I know I would wither away. I placed michael in your hands just as you placed him in mine.My mind knows his time here had passed but somehow it forgot to tell my vary sole.10 years in this storm I feel has taken it’s much longer dear jesus will this consum my vary sole or will it never pass?My fath is all I have sole crys out from this prision the waves are crashing all arond theese wreched walls.My heart is broken my love is locked in side.I cant let anyone close as I once did to let them know I still love them.I’m afraid of the pain of losing someone agen so I pray each day you keep them in your care.Thrue my tears I thank you for my micheal’s love for I would not give up a moment of the time he was here with me.So thoue I am broken I will walk this path you have set for me.