In the Middle of the Storm let’s pray for my open Brain Surgery

Pray to remove Wabas
“Wabas” it’s the nickname for my AVM
I was in critical condition for 30-35 minutes since I had a seizure
Barrow they think it was micro hemorrhage
Hoag they think it’s not a big deal
How frustrating!!!
So I am going to Phoenix

King Nabucodonosor was evil
So I named my AVM after this guy

Let’s get rid of Wabas!!!

I have read 60% of the Bible
I believed the Lord protected me the day of the seizure!
I was next to a security guy who is also paramedic!!!

So that’s great and miraculous

Due to covid I am always just alone in my house but God sent me Angels to protect me

I am bringing my guitar to praise Jesus after my surgery

I am NOT afraid as my mission in life is to

Love my Lady
Love my Family
Program computers
Enjoy my dogs
Write worship songs

I am part of Hillsong music team but due to Covid evolving and mutating and brain problems I’m not comfortable being on back stage yet without masks

But I WILL go back when Wabas is gone!!!

Let’s praise Gos the creator of heavens and earth
The one who created men to his image
The one that gave us the Old Testament so we can FEAR THE LORD
The one who gave us the New Testament so we can REPENT AND GO TO HEAVEN

The one who gave us the Ten Commandments

After reading the Bible it seems to me that God wants a life of morals and also faith in him and repentance

True repentance is not being an alcoholic and believing in Jesus

I have not read the entire Bible yet but it seems that he wants genuine hearts

So with genuine hearts :heart:
Let’s pray God the Lord of David Moses
The Lord who protected Israel
The Lord of Promises
The Lord that sent us Jesus so we’re not afraid of death
The Lord who created Heavens and Earth
The Lord who gives us life
The Lord who knows when it’s our last day on Earth
The Lord who can give us more years of life like he has done in the Old Testament to that person with a incurable disease he got 15 more years

Let’s pray that God the one Lord who is jealous of us worshiping false Gods

Let’s look at the evidence of his creation and worship that God
It is incredible to me how Jesus split the history of mankind before and after him


Let’s pray that Lord who will be in surgery day

Procedure day

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I believe prayer chains work, Rafa! All the best my friend.

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