In the Meantime

I am aiming at finding enough energy to spend most of the spring and summer in the lovely woods next door


There I will lie flat on the ground searching all the special odd objects that I will capture through the camera lens share

I will try to mobilize my inspiration to exercise, start swimming again, joining the water

...for movement

I will certainly have lots of time for meditation, reflection and to philosophize over life, complex and simple things

...or absolutely nothing!

The source of all action comes from my thoughts that I am thinking,

...still with me...

Which I will turn into words in both poems and in my book that I am writing

...Beside Myself

...that is if I find my life spirit again, which at the moment seems lost in time and space...

...but also hidden deep within me...

Just remember that it was your spirit that gave me strength - it was you being there for me that inspired me. You may sometimes feel lonely, my dear friend, but you shall never be alone. There are many on here who owe you BIG TIME!

Hugz, Tony

I agree with Tony...You have been my savior many times and I will always be here for you! Please know that there are many, many people on this site who think of you daily! I haven't seen you on the chat lately, although I look for you whenever I check in..Keep the Faith, dear friend!

I love you Hanne! I wish we could meet in person…I pray for you each and every day…your beautiful…inside and out…xoxoxo Mare