In response of just having your embolization

hello just had my embolization on august 17th 2011. its been a totally different world. what i used to know is all gone but im also very talented in other ways. my short term memory is shot ha ha. its weird. i really cant read a calendar but i can do other things. i forget things yesterday and today but remember em clearly next week. i dont wanna kill anything but im very good with a gun. its crazy. i shoot very well. just like always. i cut bullet holes but i cant walk to the target alone. how is this possible. i also see these really bright lights out of my one eye but only at places with too much light. like wall mart but i hope its just because its been so soon. i seriously feel more intelligent in alot of ways but i have trouble with very simple things. its crazy. like soduku the 1-9 number game. two months ago i could care less. i couldnt even play. now i pick up a book. im unstopable. ive also became ocd as hell. its nuts. i fold everything and clean everything. i could not believe it when i saw my truck. i just wanted to clean it. i water my dog and have washed every bowl but forget to feed him. lol. thing is that ive became very smart also. i cant explain it rt now but my knowledge is unbelievable. its like im someone else.i acomplish things that seeem impossible to some and i would never have tried em 4 weeks ago. i feel like i could go to college and learn the whole school. lol. thing is i never was like that. my dr says im doing great. but im hard on myself. i think i should be able to do it all. when i awoke with out the use of my left toes and fingers i was crushed but ive fought em back. i have fought so hard . its all we can do. im a very fun person who clowns around alot but i have a huge heart and i wish ya the best. you can have whatever u want. just believe it. fight it and if it dont go our way we still got it all with our hearts. we fought whenevr we wanted whenever we could and as hard as we could. take care. text anytime. jonathan