In Boston for wednesday's surgery!

Hi everyone…

Just wanted to give a quick update…I’m in boston and I just saw Dr.Mulliken for a premeeting before wednesday…he made me more nervous!!! He was very forgetful and didn’t remember that I was even coming…now I’m scared he’s gonna forget about my surgery and what he’s operating on and I wake up with an extra leg or something!..=[! damn these AVMS!


Don’t worry the nurses and techs will point him in the right direction. Once there he’ll have all the skill. I’m constantly covering the doctor’s back by letting them know which patient they just did what on. But they are very skilled at what they do. I’ll be thinking about you Wednesday.

Thank you Janice! You really calmed me down a bit about him…thanks for the kind words as well! =]


Good Luck tomorrow!!! I hope that everything is a great success and that you will be feeling well and recovering in just a few hours. Please be sure to let us know how it all goes!!!

Oh ya, and if you DO get that extra leg, I wanna see pictures!!! :slight_smile:

you are in my prayers today!!! I am only a few hours away

Hope everything went well today and that you are resting after a successful surgery!!!

I hope you’re doing ok and resting up!! I’m prayin for ya! :wink:

hello everyone! thanks so much for the kind thoughts and wishes…I’m back in Jersey now finally and I’m just waiting for theswelling to go down…my face is pretty huge at the moment=[…other than trhat everything went well…I had uncomfortable nites after it happened but thats to be expected I suppose…I just can’t wait until I am recovered!


I’m so glad to hear everything went well. Andrew had quite a bit of swelling, too. We joked and said he looked like one of the gusher heads from the commerical. When some of the swelling went down he thought he looked like Sloth from the Goonies. He looks great now. Keep us updated when you can.