Just wanted to say a little about a DEFINITE improvement that I have noticed. All too often things can be a little on the negative side when it comes to dealing with this condition, so I feel like it is worth noting when something good happens. :)

I have been pretty sure for the last week and a half to two weeks that my peripheral vision in my right eye has been improving. I am 100% sure now that it has. I just held both hands up on either side of my face to compare. I could see my left hand easily, as always. I noticed that I could also see the right now. It is a little "shadier" or seems. I could not see it as clearly, or quite as much of it, but I could definitely see it there. AND, most important, if my vision has actually improved this much in that eye, then there is the chance that it may improve even more.

This means the world to me. I had to learn to drive with my peripheral vision in that eye, which meant that I had to hang left because I was pulling right. Now I have noticed that I am having to pull right because I am too far left, lol. I can see that now, and I had not before. I am convinced that it is getting better. SOOOOO excited. I will definitely blog if anything else changes or gets better.

DeAndra...Staying positive is a great support. Glad to know that your vision is improving!

Thank you so much.

Yay! Great news! Hope it gets even better. :)

Thank all! I am pretty excited.