Important MRI this week and help in regards to Prince of Wales, Sydney

No news is good news.

I have a MRI this week and it’s going to be the most important one to date. Last time they thought my AVM was gone but after double checking, it was still there but very tiny. So this time, it’s either going to be completely gone or I’m going to have to get another dose of radiation (never expected that), as my Neurosurgeon briefly told me. So yes, VERY important. I’m nervous actually.

To anyone who had treatment at PRINCE OF WALES HOSPITAL, SYDNEY, did you guys get a polaroid taken of you while you had your head brace on? (taken by the doctor). I take photos of everything in my life and for some stupid reason, I didn’t take any photos of my Radiosurgery process and funnily enough, it’s had the most impact on my life. Well I was meant to get that polaroid from the hospital staff but for some reason, it never got sent to me and I REALLY REALLY want it. The only trouble is, that was in feb 2005 :frowning: I was considering getting in contact with the department again but I doubt they’d know what I was talking about and think I was nuts. Does anyone have any contacts at POW or can be of any help in this situation? I desperately want some recollection of myself going through the process, physically, not just scans and writings.

Well I sincerely hope you’re all making progress and are living happy lives :slight_smile:

Take care,

Catherine <3

Hey Catherine, I wasn’t at that hospital or had this procedure, but many of the hospitals I have been to have taken polaroids of me at check ups and treatments. I think you could probably contact them without them thinking you were a crazy person!!! :slight_smile:

Hi Catherine, I hope that the results are in your favor. please let us know how it goes. take care.

Thanks so much!