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Impact of unrelated surgery after 20 years

20 years ago I had a bleed from a neural AVM - I posted here at some point, can’t believe it’s been so long! All removed and left with minor right-sided residual weakness, some spatial ‘weirdness’ People at work are totally unaware there is anything amiss, I am well. Anyway, recently had abdominal keyhole surgery, totally unrelated to the AVM. I had a general anaesthetic and 7 days on
I now find myself with a heavy, weak left leg and a patch of numb skin - feel like I’ve gone back in time! Has anyone else experienced similar following a general anaesthetic? How long until you were back to ‘normal’?

Sometimes the effect of anesthesia can last a few weeks. Hopefully it improves.

Thank you. I wasn’t aware it could effect things for so long…

I was told by my doctors that it’s possible to feel the effects for up to a month.

Thank you, tacos4Iife. I wasn’t told anything like that. All the post-op literature says not to drive for at least 24 hours but that’s it. Obviously, the consultant was unaware of my history, it was irrelevant to my surgery. I’m hopeful that my leg will return to ‘normal’ if that is the case as soon as the aneasthetic is properly gone. It is affected if I’m ill so it does make sense.

I would be interested to hear if anyone has experienced similar.


I’ve no better idea than @tacos4life but I’m just wondering if you’ve mentioned it to your surgery team. I’m just thinking another possible cause would be a small clot from your surgery. Not to worry you but might be worth getting struck off the list. Wounds of any kind can result in a bit of a clot forming, I think, and if you’ve got access to the team that did your surgery, I’d mention it or go and see your GP.

Like I say, I know nothing. It’s just what I would do, I think.

All the best,


Thanks, Richard.

I did ring the doctors and they emailed me to say that I should contact the surgery team as 1st port of call. They also said the numbness in the skin could be down to the position my leg was in during the operation, and it might sort itself in weeks or months.

We have Norovirus in the hospital and town atm, so it’s difficult to talk to anyone beyond secretaries. I did phone the team and the secretary took all my details…
I have been made aware of the symptoms of a DVT, thank you.

Some 6 hours after my operation I had to walk to the bathroom and my leg was dragging and I needed support - this happens in varying degrees if I’m ill etc. It has obviously improved day on day and is not dragging at all now, although it is heavy still.


Jolly good. Just thought it worth checking out :slight_smile:

I agree it should be checked out. I developed a pulmonary embolism after my last surgery. So new clots can happen.


After a lot of localised pain in my thigh on Saturday I did ring the NHS 111. After 7 hours of waiting for a doctor to ring back - the service was overwhelmed - I fell asleep at gone 11pm, and the pain subsided. Fast forward to Monday morning and I managed to get to talk to a GP at my practice. Fortunately, she was previously an anaesthetist. I went in to see her the same day and she assured me the pain is not a DVT. I have sustained some sort of nerve damage from something that was placed on my thigh during surgery - therma…dermal?? - I can’t remember the specific name. I feel like I’ve gone back in time! My skin is numb, graduating to painful burning before normal sensation. Muscle tone is not as it should be. The hospital have said, via the phone, it’s neurological. I don’t think it is. Supposed to be returning to work on Tuesday, at the moment that seems impossible. I work outside with 4 and 5 year olds, physically demanding. I am aware that I’m neurolgically sensitive, having made such a huge recovery, and that old deficits will re-emerge. I am fretting about how long this is going to take though.