I'm Sorry

Friends, I am sorry I am so negative although I promised I wouldnt be. I have something going on in my life thats weighing heavily on my mind. I can’t decide if I am a bad person for it or not, if its my fault or not, etc, and I’m mentally struggling to stay afloat, plus they changed my meds so that might have something to do with it, I dont know, I’m just confused and ultimately I am the only one who can fix this. Thank you all for your caring and support and I love u all



Hi Jo,
Life is a mess at times. It throws stuff at us and we are suppose to handle it all! Just remember the stress is not worth it! Yes what ever is happening in your life right now is huge for you so yo are not being negative. Sometimes we just have to vent! …life gets me down also, and all i want to do is sleep my depression away. I don’t want to bring others down around me so I try to stay by myself. I know you have children that keep you from running and hiding , however look into their eyes because this is why you keep on fighting ! you are a mom. We all get depressed! Your not alone! I’m having a pity party almost weekly want to join me. lol…love ya, girl…
Sending Angel light and love to you…d
ps…here for you always!

hy JO/Donna
do Noy EvebTHUNK about PIYT PARTY without me or else!

lets ALL have a pity party!!! i’m sick of having one all alone!!!

Count me in, Jo…don’t you dare have a pity party without me!

Seriously, as I’ve told you before, I am always here for you,my dear friend!