I'm scared

I was diagnosed with AVM back almost 3 years ago. First it started off with one seizure every 6 months. Which increased about 4 a year. Within the last year pain and seizures have increased every month. I would go to kennestone hospital located in Marietta,GA and they would stablize me and send me home. It took a friend to tell me “go to Emory” and within 24 hours they figured it all out. While in the hospital they took a scope through my groin and scanned my brain, I have been on fast track since then. On January 8 I will be meeting with Dr. Daniel Barrow and my surgeon Dr. Oyesosku whom is said to be the best in the SouthEast. My AVM is located left frontal lobe where I have a series of aneurysms I also have one in the back lower of the brain. I have to get all three surgeries for complete removal. So my question is what’s the time frame from this point, what is expected of me, what am I about to undergo, what’s going to be my quality of life should I expect memory lost

Hi Kareem. Every AVM is different so every recovery is different. It is perfectly normal to be nervous. Just remember thousand of us on here have been thru this process! You are no longer alone!

Hi Kareem, you are no longer alone here!My AVM was located in my temporal lobe. They told me I would experience memory loss, loss of speech, mobility everything. After my surgery I can assure you that, that is not the case. I function as if nothing has happened to me. Each recovery is 100% different, stay positive! The outcome is always bright when there is hope. Prayers to you xoxoxo