Im i gonna be bald soon?

So, ever since surgery, I have been losing a lot of hair. My doc did mention this could happen to me, but at the time I didn't notice it... I just thought it was still the hair from when they shaved part of it. But now when I wash my hair and comb it... its like im a dog I have like a hand full to pick up. Just wondering how long this will happen for. I know its from all the radiation from the machines during surgery but maybe I should of just let them shave it all vacuum would of appreciated it!... No, I am just kidding.. I am grateful they saved as much hair as possible; just tired of picking strands of hair up every where I go!

My daughter had embolization and surgery on Jan. 20, 21st, and they told us as well that she could experience some hair loss from the radiation/embolization. When I washed her hair about 8 days post-op, I was a bit shocked about how much hair was on the comb. I wasn’t sure if it was from the embolization or just the hair she would have lost anyway during those 8 days, that finally came out once we washed it. It seemed like it did that for the first couple of washings, but in fact it did stop, and she didn’t go bald, thank goodness! :slight_smile: