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June 13th is the time for embolization of my avm. The risk is 50/50 to succeed / massive bleeding. We have decided for treatment because I have become much worse, I have begun to lose the speech as well. It’s a bit scary but I’m hopeful. Here at home we are planning the garden and our crops of vegetables, fruits and berries. It is relaxing and gives hope, I am very alive and enjoy life today. I do everything I think is fun and what I can do with it. In my heart, I actually live my dream, we moved to the country from the inner city of Stockholm and started growing, I went down to working hours to 70% about 28 Hours a week, so beautiful. I have my cohabitation and my close and dear support. There is hope, there is light and love.

hug from me


Hej Carita!

Fantastisk! 13 June is a special day in our house, so we will be thinking of you.

I had my embolization at the beginning of April and I don’t think it is a difficult thing to do. There is no reason to worry. Just be positive!



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Thank you :ok_hand::grinning::heartpulse:

wishing you good luck

carol xxx

Wishing you all the best, I will be thinking of you. Take Care! John

Thanks :ok_hand::heartpulse:

Hi Carita
Will be thinking about you on the 13th :sparkling_heart:Xx

Thanks :ok_hand::heartpulse:

Carita: I’m a little late reading this post, but I pray your procedure went well. Stay positive, follow your doctor’s advice and just dream about your wonderful garden. In time, things will fall into place and you will adapt to your “new normal” as most of us have. Can’t wait to get the updates on your progress. Prayer & Patience also works!

Sharon D…

ey all
Now I’m home for a successful embolization. Everything went well, the neuro surgeon was excited, he managed to close 2 large vessels without complications, he was proud of his intervention. Right now i’m just tired and not much gets right :grinning: gets stomachs against brain edema. I want to thank you for all the support and hope for my treatment. I feel so comfortable that I can share this with you who understand. I’m not a friend of googletranslate, this is probably my eighth attempt. I’ll make an evaluation of the treatment and see how we’ll move on. I feel lucky that everything went well. Enjoying being in my garden and walking in the woods with the dog. Once again thanks for being there

Hug carita


It is great to hear from you. It is really good to know your doctor is very happy and thanks for joining us and sharing your journey with us.



Great to hear the update and the positive results. Take care, and enjoy the walks, I find it fantastic therapy for the body and mind!

glad to hear it went well for you x

It was a while since I was in and read and wrote. Some updates: In November, I made my second embolization, it was interrupted, it became too risky, got a trombos in my leg and an seizure . I was lucky I did not get any bleeding in the brain, met neurologists to see if I had a brain injury. It was decided that I would do a gamma knife’s radiation and I did it on February 22, 2018. It was then found that I had a defect on a left ventricle of 1 centimeter, which could be an onset of bleeding. I’m talk to a curator and my husband can come along with me . Will meet a work therapist for help for my bad memory, forget the times and the food on the stove etc. The food does not taste so good as the :joy: physiotherapist teaches me relaxation type yoga so I can keep up with my energy during the day my brain fatigue sets it for me. Have begun with the ketodite to see if it can help fight the seizure when medications do not fully help. Have at least become more excited about my new diet, I’m grateful for the little one. I havet Nerve pain in the right leg and another form of headache but not every day now. I have decided to live a rich life because I actually live today and it is too valuable to be wasted at anxiety. One day at a time, get to know my new I, ask for help from my loved ones, those who do not understand me are saddled away. Some people get a call to read about Avm and brain fatigue if they do not understand then they are out of hope, not me. It may also be because they are afraid, but they must deal with someone else, I need my energy for me. I still feel that I’m lucky enough to get all the help I get from my healthcare and my family, we’ve come closer to eachother and I’m happy and love life.
Hug you
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Great to hear from you, and it has been a while. Sounds like a lot has been going on for you, the positive attitude has to be a huge factor. Patience is so important and great to hear your family is there for you, as are we here! Take Care, John

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