Im home from my op!

Hi All
Thank you to all that sent me good luck messages.Ive just got home morphine is a great thing!! Im fine just very tired and a bit dizzy. Thought i would just add this bit and when ifeel up to it i will update properly. Wayne yakes and co were soooo nice they made me feel so special.
update soon.
resting now.
Laura x

So glad everything went well! Get some rest and tell us more when you are feeling up to it. :slight_smile:

hey laura, great to hear from you… rest is most important for you right now.
cant wait to hear from you. xxx

Glad it went well. Hope you don’t have too much pain today. Let us know when you can how you are doing and what your next treatments will be.

Well, tired and dizzy is better than in pain and agony. Welcome back!