I'm here!

Hello everyone,
I’m back been going for a couple weeks…had the flu and was not online for a couple other reasons. Seems like there is already a lot of new people and it is so amazing at the rate this website is growing. I got the report from the neuro-phsyc testing in chicago…was actually pretty disappointed in the results. He has set me up with a speech therapy place in Indy but that is like an hour and a half away, and im not technically supposed to be driving. so I am not sure if I will still go or not. I am hoping to find a neurologist here at home so I dont have to report to the ones in Chicago. Still no improvement with my headaches. Still the same headache now going over 2 years…here all the time…constant pain. It is sometimes really disappointing because I wonder if it will ever get better and if there is anything out there that can at least give me some time with no pain. Here lately I have been throwing up or really sick to my stomach because of them. I’m ready to try something new…lol that is if there is anything else out there to try. Already tried acupuncture, massage therapy, very closely watched diet, biofeedback, and lots and lots of medications. I am sure there are other things I have tried but well…you all know how I am with my memory. I do have some good news tho…the last week or so right as i’m laying down to fall asleep I get flashes of memories from when I was younger. it is pretty cool…like it has just happened and I can explain everything in such detail that there is no doubt with anyone that I just remember it. I’m surprised that my memories are just now starting to come back…maybe because things in my brain are starting to calm down and be repaired. I still have some people that are really upset that I dont remember them…but they are happy that I can at least make new memories. :slight_smile: Anyways, it has taken me a long time to write this blog with right side really acting up tonight. Lol and I just lost my train of thought. hahahah. Sadly almost everybody (not those that have had a couple brain surgeries) know what that is like. I am pretty sure tomorrow is going to be very hard…with it being the first holiday spent without my mom here…i miss her so much. But at least she is not in pain anymore.
Anyways to those of you that celebrate it tomorrow

Hang in there, Brittany. I understand how you feel. Happy Thanksgiving!

Hi Brittany, my thoughts are with you.
And i understand about your mum, I lost mine in Sept.
Take care x

You inspire me! My mother suffered migraines while I was growing up. The pain was just horrid for her and I was the caregiver in the situation. I can imagine your pain is 100 times worse! I have been reading a few of your back blogs. You keep a good attitude even though I know it must be a struggle. I know God is watching out for you even though some days it may not feel like it. You keep stepping out and try to be the best new Brittany you can be! Each time you take a bit of control of your situation you should do a happy dance! (My daughter is a good one to show you how;)) If I was closer I would so give you a big hug. As it is I am now your cheerleader! You can doo eeet! :slight_smile: Hope your Thanksgiving was a good day!

Good to hear from you Brittany. I bet the memories will slowly return over time. You’ll be surfing through life when a smell or a sight will jog a neuron and you’ll get a flashback. Stay well.