I'm heading to UCLA

I have an appointment with Dr. Martin at UCLA, on Friday, July 2nd. I did not expect to get an appointment earlier than August. I have registered as a patient and I am ready to meet with Dr. Martin to hear his treatment recommendation. I am nervous. This puts me one step closer to treatment, which is surreal to me. I've never had medical issues, let along a serious relationship with a doctor! Has anyone met Dr. Martin as a patient?



I’ll be right there with you in spirit. I hope and pray for the best for you.


and yes ,…I know,…too many fingers and even more keys,…(sheesh)


Marie: I will pray for you. Please make sure you don’t go alone as two sets of ears are better as nerves take over and we hear but don’t listen. This is the hardest part not knowing wht will be the next step be it will be fine and think you are one step closer in your treatment plan. xoxo Mare

Marie, try not to go alone. If you need a friend to go with, I am on vacation near UCLA and would be available. Just let me know by end of business today.


Hi Marie,

Glad that you got in more quickly than you thought you would.

Best wishes,


Good luck at the doctor today!!! Wishing and praying for good news! Don’t forget a notebook to write everything down and ask any and every question you have no matter how small or insignificant you think it may be. Even if it is the same question, but worded differently.