Im Going!

YES!!! Iam so excited!! I just found out that my school is paying for me to go to Colorado for my surgery. Iam so excited, my mom was so happy she started to cry. Because we dont have alot of money and she didnt think that I was going to be able to go, but now we are and Iam so happy! We are leaving june 10th and my surgery is the 12th. and then coming back the 14th. I will keep you guys informed on how it goes, what the doctor says, and what happens.

Great news! What a generous thing for your school to do for you! That’s awesome.

Wow that is such awesome news!!! I’m so happy for you and so glad that your school is going to help so you can have the surgery! I’m so excited for you! and I will be praying like crazy that everything goes great!!!

Hey- I also just found this link in case you can use it in the future for flights to Denver. You aren’t 18 yet, right???

so glad to hear! good luck with everything stay strong and be brave this will hopefully change your life for the better. let us know how it goes.

that is such great news…what a wonderful school you must attend…you are in my prayers…i am sure the surgery will be a great success…keep us posted…stay strong xxx

Terrific news! What a wonderfully generous school that you attend!

Hi Christa! What a wonderful news. I am haapy for you and your mum, please give her a big hus from me, I know how difficult it is for mums. You are such a beautiful girl. Can´t wait to hear good news from you after surgery. Lots of love.