I'm glad I found this site

My name is Tracy. I found this site by accident, thought I would give it a try. I had my AVM embolized a few times and had Gamma Knife in Jan of 07. Awaiting results of MRI. I would love to hear from anyone who has Gamma Knife, and how it is working.

I had gamma knife on June 20th 2007 and I will need another dose in 2010. I didn’t have many side effects but, it isn’t working that great either. I have only had a slight change in 2 years. On top of the gamma i also had 2 embo’s. So I had my hope up that this would have all been over all ready. In march i go for another mri and from there will determine when i go for round 2. Best of luck Has your avm gone down at all?

Hi Tracy, Let me know how everything turns out on your MRI. Have you felt okay since gamma knife? I am gamma knife scheduled for December. My AVM is in frontal Parietal right in corona radiata. The neuro dr I seen a few days ago said it right between my sensory tract & motor strip and felt I should have a traditional angio before gamma but the neuro surgeon said he will do angio on day of procedure. Not sure as a few drs said I should have angio prior to gamma to check for aneurysms? I have found one problem with getting 2nd,3rd & 4th opinions is also that everybody has a different opinion which can make things even more difficult:-). Best Wishes, hope your MRI shows the AVM is gone.

I had Gamma knife done October of 2008 and im wondering the same thing… I had a really hard time after the gamma knife, but i got back next year for dose number 2!!! Hope all works out for you!!!

Hi Tracy
Like you I have been through four embo’s and two gamma’s. Though my AVM is not obliterated yet it has helped me with some of the side effects of the AVM. It will be three years next month since my last treatment and will be having an MRI/MRA next month too. They having been doing them every six months. I wish you all the best.

I had Gamma Knife when I was 13, six months after a brain surgery. It went well. I didn’t remember much pain. The doctors have just asked me to have MRI every 18 months.

The AVM recurred, unnoticed. They said though that it grew on the spot they really didn’t intend to include during the treatment. I decided to just believe them. They obviously know medicine better than me.

So, how are you now Tracy?