I'm confused!

I got the results from the 48 hour EEG…my neurologist says that it showed no seizures. He also said tha none of the EEGs I’vew ever had showed seizure activity. I asked him about my arm & leg twitching and jumping…he said tha t since they don’t happen for long periods of time, they are not seizures. So I asked Dr. Tolunsky, “Why am I on the anti-seizue med, Zonegran, then?” He told me it was for the headaches, not seizure prevention. I’d still like to know why my limbs twitch & jump and why my head twitches too!

My next question for my doctor was, “What is our next step?” Apparentally, we don’t have one. From now on it’s treat the pain and pray that proton beam is doing it’s job.

Wouldn’t that be wonderdful, Liam?! I mwan the twitching being a sign that the proton beam is working. As far as the Zonegran, now I have to wonder what the hell my doctor is talking about when he said the Zonegran is supposed to help my headaches?

I’m taking Zonegran twice a day!

Thats good news Connie, no seizures. Proton bean is already doing a good job. :))

Connie: I am sorry for you that you have this twitching, but on the other hand, I feel releived that I am not the only one out there having this problem. When I was in grade school, I had my first episode of numbness and droping face, the explanation the doctors gave my parents was stress. I was treated as though I was a nut case and made up all these systems just to get atttention.

Sometimes I have twitching like what you described, my eyelid, my mouth, my legs and arms. What i took that stopped it was magnesium and potassium. It stopped the twitching. I hope this helps you!

Not sure what the twitching is from maybe side effect of meds. I know my doctor puts me on different types of seizure medication because they are also known for helping headaches. My EEG shows epilepsy though. Before my seizures started I was taking a combination of Elavil and Verapamil which are also known for helping migraines. Neither of these are for seizures. It did help for many years but I had to go off the Elavil because of the seizures. I am still on the Verapamil.