I'm back

hi everyone

sorry but i’ve been away for a while, now i’m back i’d love to contribute. is there a need for anything in particular. I’m a young adult now who has had brain injury in childhood…i could talk about the lasting mental and emotion affects it has…but not sure if it will be helpful to anyone… write back with any request and i’ll try to fill them in as best i can

:)wishing you all good health,Felicia

Felicia, trust me…there are many on this Network that could use your support! Thanks for coming back!

Glad you’re back Felicia! While I can’t answer best on how you can contribute, like Louisa said I’m sure everyone on this site can benefit somehow by you sharing your experience. Don’t sell yourself short. And if I never said it before, welcome! :slight_smile:

Hi!! Just start writing blogs about your experiences and when people do a search for them, your thoughts and experiences will be there for them if they need it.

ok well i’ll try my best, i don’t want to be a dead weight
but me warned i get a little freaked out about posting about my life
and might end up deleting it all

Hi felicia, what kind of things do you experience? I had an AVM 22 years ago and have residual emotional affects. diagnosed as rapid cycle drug resistant bpd...