Im back yah

Hi i know it has been a long time. Some new changes include an enlarged heart which is now being treated with meds. That heart cath i had was a doozy. My wrist still hurts over that so i need prayers. As for my avm it seems to be no different which is good for me. But nice to be back!!

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Hey, it’s good to hear from you! It does sound like you’re having a tough time. I hope the world is looking bright and sunny where you are and you’re enjoying the start of summer (I’m sure we are about there!)

Sending you my very best wishes and a distanced hug!


Im always roughing it. This is critical! They gave me blood thinners so if one vessel breaks i’m gonna bleed to death. How can a doctor be so careless? And yes i did tell him about the severty of my avm

If you want to leave, you can. There are a couple of options.

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  2. Ask one of the moderators to delete your account. If we do this within a few days of you joining, it deletes everything. If we do this after something like 60 days, the system will remove your profile details and password and anonymise your login ID. The stories you’ve contributed to remain but they would no longer be attributable to you.

I always like people to stay but if you really want to leave, just say.

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