If you're a parent with avm,

...how did you tell your children about your diagnosis? My kids are 5 years old and 16-months old. My older child has been asking me what's wrong lately because he can sense that I'm not my usual self after finding out about my avm. How did you reveal to your child(ren) about the condition that you have? I know that my kids are a bit on the younger side and I don't want to overwhelm my 5-year-old. I'm sad about the diagnosis and hope that I can care for my children for as long as possible. Life is fragile as it is and learning about this rare condition makes it feel even more so.

How do you cope w/ avm as a parent? I'd appreciate your words of wisdom. Thank you.

my kids r 7 & 5… i just explained to them that my brain is
messed up n that the doctors are trying to make mama better
so im ging to have to go to the dr alot and take medicine everyday.
i also told them that theres gonna b days i dont feel good but for
the most part im ok…my oldest has asthma so i told her its alot like
her she has to do her pump…i have to take my medicine…she goes
to the dr to get chck ups…so do i…she has days that her asthma
acts up…i have days that my brain acts up…ud be amazed how
much they understand…good luck…

Our kids were 6 & 8 when my wife's AVM started with a grand mal seizure--we were all in the motel room when it happened. Not a very smooth introduction!

Key for us was keeping them informed, at an age appropriate level. They knew Mom was sick, but that there were hopefully treatment options. As hard as it is to face, probably need to re-assure them that LOTS of family members love you kids, and no matter what, there will always be someone you know and love to take care of you. But for now, the family is going to focus on helping Mom get better.

Then you can list ways they can help. Engage them--you'll all be better for it.

Hope this helps.
Ron, KS

i completly agree…my son (5) even asks me if i took my meds
whenever he sees that im not having a good day…