If You Feel People Don't Understand

If you feel people just don't understand what happened with your brain injury....copy this and pass it to the people who don't understand.http://www.brainline.org/content/2011/07/lost-found-what-brain-injury-survivors-want-you-to-know.html

Excellent, Louisa!!!
Thanks for sharing my friend. :)

From the woman that brought us the Letter from your Brain, another gem! Thanks Louisa! I cut and paste this so I'll always have it! Hope you're feeling well. :J

So glad you put this on the site Weezie! Love it!

Hey Louisa - I posted on fb...many noted that:

1) they found this article very informative; and

2) it's helpful that this info. came from a 3rd-party...not just me being weirdo brain-injury girl (I paraphrased).

Weirdo brain injury girl… lol

Hey Louisa,
I also shared this w/ a few family members, including our kids (who are caring, but have NO idea).
My husband is truly AMAZING & does 'get it.'
I've contributed A LOT of life-altering, challenging 'stuff' to our lives w/ CM-land & he greatly appreciated this article!:)
Thanks again!

You are not a weirdo brain injury girl, Julie....You are one of us!