Hi Guys, I will ask my Doc's this same question when I next see Him, But quick question, Now that my AVM is gone and I have been cleared by a Angiogram and a CT Scan with contrast dye. Am I safe to take Ibrufen now ?, I was always aware before that it can thin the blood and since I was still at risk of another bleed while having the AVM I avoided it for everything and anything. I'm just curious now that the AVM is gone and confirmed via scans can I take this med if I need it for whatever reason ?. Thanks guys :) hope you are all doing well.

If your AVM is gone and they are no longer worried about another rupture you should be able to take ibuprofen. My neuro team prefers that I still stick with extra strength Tylenol when I can but do let me take ibuprofen as long as it’s not every day.

If my scans are clear in Jabuary they will let be resume taking it how I used to prior to my AVM rupture.

Just to be safe I would email your doctor and ask.

Thanks Lady Gray :) , I don't need it for now and will hold off till I can ask the doc team :)

Hey Martin, glad to hear about your successful surgery! Are you keeping up with the boys yet? :slight_smile:
Please let us know what the doc says. Thanks!

Hi Tim, Hope your keeping well, I will post as soon as I have the "official word on it :) " Thanks all