I was allowed to drive a car

Today, I received a medical examination three weeks after craniotomy. I saw the X-ray picture of the bracket that secures the bone. Bone was fixed in the three brackets of beautiful form.
Recovery after surgery is good, I was allowed to drive a car. For the first time in a long time, I have enjoyed the driving.

Fascinating picture.

Hi Hideaki-son

Yay! I'm glad you are recovery well.. :) It must feel good to be driving again. You got some independence back, huh? :)

That is a fascinating picture (as dancermom said). I think it's very interesting. It looks like it's healing well. I must have looked/studied it for a couple of minutes (smiles). Thanks for putting it up.


Hello, dancermom.
Hello, Ben.
Thank you for your comment.

I am very grateful to the doctor.
In addition, I am grateful to God that I was able to meet a good doctor.
I am grateful to family and friends who have supported me.
I am grateful to members of this site.

I plan to return to work next week.
Observation will be continued in the future.(Bone, edema, tunnel vision)
I think I would like to continue to upload the course.

Hello Hideaki-san...I think that it's wonderful that your recovery is going well, and that you were able to drive. Best wishes to you in your recovery and your journey!

I am new at this “site”. I had an avm removed awile ago and have done so well since then. My life changed so beautifully well. Let me know if this is what you have experienced. M

Hello Hideaki-san! Driving again is a milestone in a recovery--congratulations! When it seemed possible to drive, I got an evaluation to see if I could drive safely. It was such a relief when I passed the evaluation. It has been a year.