I Was A Case Study For Doctor & Physical Therapists

I had the opportunity this past Saturday to be the training case for about 30 physicians and physical therapist. They presented my case, and the cool part is one of my previous PT’s was in the audience, lol. They bantered about future treatments for my spasisity, with some interesting outcomes. Then I got 8 Botox shots in front of the group, lol! Nothing like getting shocked and poked in front of a crowd and on camera. It was actually a very educational day, with a suggestion that I revisit getting a baclafin pump, and consider getting tendon stretching surgery. Has anyone here had that surgery? Overall, it was nice to give back, I’ll be on film a while!

I was at grand rounds once for my doctors. That was a long time ago though. I think that they were discussing my progress. Don’t really remember. Maybe you can post the video when you get it?


How is the botox going? I found it so helpful. I am no longer needing botox, but contine to use the Bionesss L300 on my shin. I STILL find my neurologsts and doctors haven’t heard about it, and even the PT’s have heard about it but most don’t know much about how great both are. The need to get them informed is vital. Thankfully, you are helping to spread the word.

In all likelihood, someone will likely hear about botox and be incredibly helped by it DIRECTLY because you shared your experience on that day. Isn’t that just amazing to think of! The funny things is, you will never know what a great gift you’ve given to complete strangers!! We are all embassadors for what is possible!

When I did botox, he told me to stretch the muscles in the first weeks, then strengthen it in the remaining weeks. Since I was able to decrease the dosing over a few cycles, I think his strategy really worked for me.

So many physicians and therapists, sounds how awesome!!

That was great. let me know what that surgery is. Maybe that would be helpful with Nichole. She is in alot of pain at times because of her legs being so tight. She has to be stretched all the time to get relief. She is unable to walk and they tell her she wont.