I wanted the community’s opinion on adult strabismus surgery!

Hey everyone!

So I have an adult strabismus minor corrective surgery that I have coming up. I just wanted the positive opinion from my golden community. It’s with a very senior skilled eye muscle specialist (Ophthalmology specialist). I wanted to know if any of you have experienced strabismus long after surviving a stroke. Is it safe in our particular case once having AVM? @Artem @Angela4 everyone can chime in I just wanna hear from my peeps! It’s a minor surgery involving the affected eye muscle (my left misaligned eye) fyi.

Peace & Love to all,



Hi @DewmasterDuce I have not had this allow I do have double vision when I first wake up and can’t focus for about 30 minutes. I guess I should mention to my eye dr.
Hopefully someone on here has had the surgery.
Wishing you the best

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Oh still good to hear your opinion though Angela! I’ll keep you updated about how my scheduled successful surgery goes so I’ll save this thread! You mentioned you get double vision, do you also have the eye misalignment condition strabismus??

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@DewmasterDuce I just met with a new neuro PT and he said I should of been sent to see them after my strokes and we are going to work on eye to brain stuff - He said that is why I have been tripping and falling more lately but the PT exercises even though minor make me nauseous so hopefully I dont have an accident on him. I dont think have the misalignment condition but I have only met with him once - I would think my husband would of noticed it. Good Luck on your surgery
Hugs Angela