I want to start a meet up group. How should I get started?

Once a month I attend a stroke support group which I enjoy. We have discussions, speakers, attend walks, share stories etc....

Needless to say, I feel a little out of place. Not only do I stand out a bit as the "young one" of the group (I am in my late 30's among mainly older individuals)I feel more that I am an AVM survior rather than stroke survivor.

I would love to attend a monthly meeting with AVM survivors! I am Thinking of starting a meet up group in my area. Anyone ever done this before. How would I get started? Any suggestions?

Hi, Georgia, you can decide a time and place and announce it on the SE group. Here are some guidelines from Ben about meetups:

How to organize a meetup
1. Pick a date (Saturdays are best)
2. Pick a place (picnics at a park are great, so are kid-friendly restaurants)
3. Post an event
4. Contact a moderator (on home page) to help spread the word.

Some other tips:
1. Bring name tags and a marker
2. See if the restaurant can offer a fixed menu to make things easier
3. Double check wheelchair accessibility
4. During the week before send daily reminder to attendees
5. Bring a camera and take a few group photos :)
Pictures are great, so try and get someone to take lots of pictures!

I would suggest having one meetup before trying to have a series of them. Start out slow and gauge interest.