I want to drive my car again!

I had another seizure on March 31st. I was so close to being able to drive again. Only 2 more months. I was sitting up at the front desk at work. No one was up there with me. My co-worker had gone to the break room in the back of the building. I had no warning what so ever. It was like someone came up behind me and sucker punched me. I came to on the floor looking up at the ceiling thinking,OMG how did I get here? My shoes were off for some reason up under the desk. They must have came off when I was having my "episode". I remember absolutly nothing until I came to. Just like the very first one that I had back when my AVM was diagnosed in October of 2012. I have had small ones where I would be aware of everything going on around me,knew what I wanted to say but still was unable to speak. Which was very frustating to say the least. People constantly asking you questions.... But anyway, I feel like my independence has been taken away. I know it is for the best but I guess I might as well accept it. Does anyone else know what the rules for other states. I have heard that other states have much longer times. That way maybe I will not feel quite as bad...LOL.

You’re not alone :frowning:

I bled in November and have only been able to drive my truck twice since and it was with my boyfriend following behind me.

It felt foreign for the first 15 minutes. I wanted to cry. I didn’t even feel right in MY driver’s seat.

After I started to feel my truck again I felt so much more in control.

No icky vertigo feelings any more because I had the wheel.

I miss my steel puppy.

In Illinois if you seize 3 times in 6 months on record they can call the state and pull your license for 6 months to a year. Luckily mine hasn’t been officially pulled.

Stay positive and faith in The Lord. My wife had episodes after and during our stay in the hospital while waiting for it to get clipped. After a couple of months in the hospital they placed her on tegretol and had a few either way at home and once at my daughters school. Took her medicine about 6 months to 1 year. Felt depressed and zombie like when she took it. So one day she decided that The Lord would be her medication and quit taking it. That was 14 years ago without an episode. God is great. I’m not saying do as she has done because the doctors were shocked when we told them. But trust in the man above that I do recommend. She drives everyday and anywhere she wants. Stay positive.

ohIn nj, its a year. I lost some vision so it didn't do me any good when I got there. Yes just have to accept life is different now.

You may wish to find an Epileptologist. These are neurologists who went to extra training to study seizures. https://www.aesnet.org/for_patients/find_a_doctor
This link will answer your questions about each state…http://www.epilepsy.com/driving-laws

Melissa, I'm sorry this has happened to you! I have had many, many seizures and in the beginning, I had to wait 3 months before I could drive again (I live in Australia). Unfortunately, I had to sell my car as it took a long time to get the seizures under control. I'm not saying this will happen to you, but it's a good idea to do what Barbara said as I did that and that helped heaps!
Please don't just stop your medication!! I also believe in the Lord and I still get the odd seizure these days!! Take care and all the best to you :)

This summer will be 4 years since I last drove my car. I’ve joined a prism scheme in Boston for the vision I lost so hopefully I can have a resolve.

Do you still work? I have my daddy and my husband to drive me to and from work. If I didn't have them I don't know what I would do.

Hi Melissa, Thank you for posting this discussion. In May it will be 3 years since my burst and it's been that long since I last drove my car. If I allowed myself regrets now, then I would say I miss the independence I gained from driving so I can understand your frustration. Oh, I do not work outside the home although I tried 1 day a week about a year ago with my husband providing the transportation. I was an accountant and found I was unable to do the work plus an 8 hour day exhausted me. My best wishes to you.

That is so REassurring to hear! I've been thinking about stopping my meds when I run out of them this time which will be in about another week, but haven't let anyone else know other than God. I believe HE'LL heal me and my dependence on my meds. I had my bleed a week after giving birth to my 4th child. My hubby woke up to hearing me gurgling in my own vomit, the morning I had my bleed back in December 2010. I was prescribed three different meds and its been hard having to take them EVERYDAY and being someone who's never been totally dependent on anything is extremely hard for me. So far, I've been taken off of one but still have to continue taking the other two in addition, to going to have my blood levels checked periodically. I'm praying that GOD will and is going to allow me to do this safely as I'd really hate to have to be put back on them for deciding to go off of them myself. At first, I was very fearful, but REalize that practice makes perfect, and GOD doesn't give us the spirit of FEAR! With that said, I still have my drivers license and just got it REnewed on my birthday!!!