I slept in bed last night!

How’s that for a topic line?

Seriously, folks, last night was the first night that I’ve slept in bed since January 29. I’ve tried a couple of other times but if my head wasn’t elevated, I couldn’t do it - the pain was too much. Last night I did it - about 7 hours - woke up once with a fairly nasty headache but fell back to sleep after tylenol and about 15 minutes.

To me, this is a big deal for two reasons - because it was getting to the point that I was feeling sorry for myself every night when everyone else went to bed and here’s little old me (okay, maybe not so little) sleeping in a recliner in the living room. Also because it’s a sign, albeit a small one, that things are heading slowly in the right direction.

Small step, but good step.

Hang in there.



I honestly believe one of the most difficult parts of our recovery journey is patience. if you’re like me you want your old self back now; unfortunately it just doesn’t happen that way so you take the small victories as they come one small step at a time. stay strong and appreciate the fact that you are making progress!



It’s a great step. One small step perhaps but a great step. I’ve been there. I was propping myself up on about 3 pillows back in Jan 2017 before my embolization and whilst it was the best option, I can’t sleep like that. I celebrated lying down flat again, too.

Well done! I’m really pleased for you!



So pleased to read this Tom :smile:

Definently as @Mike5 said, we must celebrate our small victories. I congratulated myself just a couple days ago for having had a trip outdoors alone without bumping into anyone :face_with_hand_over_mouth:

Very pleased for you! If you did have trouble again though, one of these could be useful to use in bed. I use it for sitting up in bed to read but it could also be used for elevating the head too -

Very happy to hear of your progress Tom and thankyou lots for sharing with us too!


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