I really really need to,get my Dr recognized

Please please read this letter I wrote on his behalf let’s get him recognized and get him what he deserves, If anyone needs an outstanding Dr He is the Dr to call, I have over 3 dozen maybe more of the AVM’s in my right lung and I have some in my stomach, please read comment and share this letter

Dear, Mr. Stan Holm

My name is Kelley Stevens, I am a patient of Dr. Agha at West Valley Hospital. I’m sending this letter of appreciation for the care I have received from Dr. Agha. He has now performed 5 pulmonary surgeries on my right lung. Dr. Agha has been the only Dr in the valley that would even take me on as a patient. I have been to numerous hospitals threw out the valley as well as Dallas, Texas, and Alberque, NM. No Dr, no hospital, or no facility, has ever been able to find what has been causing me to be short of breath, difficult breathing and an extremely low oxygen level (78/84) as well as numerous other symptoms that I had. That is Intel I showed up to west valley hospital and had a CT done on my chest. And Dr. Agha is the first and only Dr who had a answer for me. Wasn’t a answer I was quit thrilled about, actually when I was told I had AVM’s in my right lung and I have multiple of them, as you could imagine how scared I was to hear this horrible news.
Dr.Agha from that day on November of 2012 has not only gone above and beyond to make sure he would do anything in his power to help me. But has kept my spirits high. Has kept me positive, I knew from that very first day that I was in the best of hands. My fears would take over me, And Dr. Agha’s positive vibes eased those fears and turned them into trust.
My insurance representative recommend me to fill out a medical power of attorney, So I set back writing my medical power of attorney as I set their thinking who can I trust with my life? Dr. Agha is the only one I could think of, he is the only person I trust with my life, the only one I know that would make the best decision for me. This is the reason why I am writing you today! I had to tell you Mr. Holm’s how grateful I am to have such an amazing Dr. It’s like I was sent an Angel to save my life.
Who can sit back and honestly say from the bottom of their heart is the only person they

Hi Kelley,

How wonderful that you have a doctor who has been able to help you so much and that you can have so much confidence in. I know myself how much that means.

There is a Doctors Directory here on the site. I didn't see Dr. Agha's name on it, but perhaps you could add his name and contact information to it. You can find it here: http://doctors.bensfriends.org/doctors/physicians/1/

I'm very happy for you that Dr. Agha has been able to help you and hope you will be able to have even more successful treatments in the future for the AVMs that are too small to be treated now.

What a nice recommendation, kelley. I'm so glad Dr. Agha was helpful to you.

Is there anything else I can do to get him recognized for all his hard work, please any advice, I added him to the list, but I want everyone to know how amazing he is.