I never knew what hit me

I am new here and just want to share my story.

On the 8th of April, 2010 I left my home in Chicago

and drove all night to see my son in Ft. Bragg NC.

I arrived in Fayetteville NC about 10am on the 9th.

I thought I made pretty good time. After a haircut and

a quick lunch, I decided to take a few hours to sleep.

My son wasn't due to meet me until around 4 or 5pm.

I sat down on the end of the hotel bed and kicked off

my shoes. The next thing I knew is that I thought I was

shot by a gun in the back of my head. My arms and

legs locked up, my eyes and mouth closed tight. I really

thought I was about to die. Somehow I was able to open

my left eye and my world was spinning. I fell off the bed as i stared to violently vomit. At that time a woman was walking past my room and heard me. She called out to me to see if I was ok. I was able somehow to tell her 9-1-1. Before I knew it I was on the was to a care station. Through a C.A.T scan there they told me my brain looked like it blew up. They were not prepered to handle this type of situation. At midnight I was Helivaced to to UNC Neuro Center in Chaple Hills NC. through MRI and angiogram they were able to determine that a blew an AVM. They didnt know why I was still alive and alert. I had never loss conciousness. 6 days later they did brain surgery and clipped it off. It's been a slow steady recovery, but I am believed to be able to make a full one. I have just a little double vision, which is getting better and some weakness in my legs. Bless GOD Shawn K Brown

Wow. That’s a scary story. That gave me the goose bumps. I’m SO GLAD someone was walking by your room at the time, and I’m SO GLAD you’re expected to make a full recovery! God bless you. Kelly

Hi Shawn, I’m just writing to let you know that you’re not alone in your experience and that my experience is very similar to yours, just a month before on March 2nd 2010. Your description of being shot in the head perfectly describes what it felt like for me. On that morning I woke to a bullet and the snooze button on my alarm clock saved my life. My arms and legs also wouldn’t work and I tried desperately to pull myself up with my arms, and was vomiting but eventually had to accept my fate. I’m not sure how long I was lying semi-conscious on the floor, but fortunately my housemate opened my door (because of the alarm) and discovered me beside beside the bed. I was after having a major brain hemmorrhage due to a ruptured avm. When I was brought to hospital the neuro team were telling my housemates to tell my parents to drive faster, I don’t think the outlook was good. Like you it does take time, apart from a small bit of vision loss and numbness and weakness in my leg I’ve made a good recovery:)Good to hear that you are doing well too:)hope you have a great recovery, Julz:)