I need your prayers please

In June I got health insurance trough my husband job he put me as an dependent well that is great what is not is that sometimes our mail lady gives our mail other people in this case the insurance needed to verify me as to who I was to him we faxed all the papers but it was past due it had a dead line know they are going to see if they keep me or droop me all by the 27 and I have to get my yearly from my gamma on September please prey for me i really need this insurance for therapy and my check up on September

Insurance companies have no sense of anything I swear, coming from an actual insurance person not medical. I am an underwriter for trucking companies in California. I wish you all the luck and sending my prayers. You need your insurance, I hope it works out for you.

I hope and pray that this all works out well for you, all the very best, Lesley.

Have the head of your husband’s Human Resource Department (me before my brain bleed) fight for you! Tell them the story and ask them to fight for you! In the meantime, I will pray for you!

Hello Faith

I am so sorry to hear of your insurance issue, Lacey’a success with the insurance companies came when she contacted our politcians and shared her story with them and of we prayed a lot, Lacey contacted all the politians from President Obama to the local city councilmen, Speaker Women Karen Bass of California went to bat for Lacey it made all the diffence. So sorry to hear about your relationship with your husband, I was once very lonely and discovered that I was looking in the wrong place for my compaignship, I found all the love and peace I needed in the God of my understanding, I lean on God and share my everything with God, he has anwered my prayers and he is always with me I am never alone, Trust in God, AVM’s are not easy and we have much to deal with, I will include you in my prayers, Have A Great Weekend, your friend Mario

Just sent a prayer up for you! Hope it helps!

Take care,