I need some advice

i have a 2cc avm on the right lower side of my brain the dr said he could monitor it i have not had any abnormal headaches or seizures he mentioned gamma knife surgery i also had trigiminal neauralgia and i had gamma knife surgery on that and was suppose to help in 4 weeks and it did not help so i am wondering wheter i should just leave it alone and let dr monitor it or have the gamma knife again he said it could take up to three years for it to work for the avm i go to sleep afraid everynight and wake up afraid anytime i get a little pain from sinus or any kind of pain in my headit terrifies me i am 50 and they said i have had it all my life i didnt find out about it till dec2011 any inout would help

Bob...I'm a true believer in getting second opinions. Go online and see if there is a neurosurgen in your area that specializes in AVM's. Stay Strong and Stay Positive!

I echo my friend's suggestions of a second opinion - it's always a good idea.
Ben's Friends has a Trigeminal Neuralgia Community @ http://www.livingwithtn.org/.
Best wishes to you.