I met up with another member of avm survivors

I had the pleasure of eating lunch with a member of AVM Survivors. She lives 1/2 hour away from me. Since I don’t drive, she came here and we went out. She may not realize how much I needed to meet her, how happy I am to know her, and look forward to seeing her again. I spend all my rime mostly alone, and it gets hard to do that. I get depressed and feel isolated. I thank her for rescuing me for a while, and it helped me feel like me again.


Beans good for you, I'm glad that this brightened up your life :) , Nothing better than feeling like your old self again ! :) , If it wasn't so far (Over the Ocean ! lol ) I would come see you also :) .

If you where in Sydney I would go and do coffee with you :0

Hope you feel better soon matey

Good for you, beans! I’ll bet it was enjoyable to get out for both of you. How’s Jimbo doing? :slight_smile:

Loved reading this! I can definitely relate. Glad you were able to meet up and enjoy the company of another survivor.

How great to connect with someone who knows what you have been through!!!

Isn’t it wonderful to get together in person with a virtual Ben’s friend! I have done this several times, and each time it has been an absolutely wonderful occasion. One of the things that has surprised me is how much people really are like their online persona. And, on meeting, the rapport there immediately! For me, it has been magical. Lucky you, to have made another new friend, and thank you, Ben’s Friends!

Hi Beans - That's really great news. It is always fun to meet other AVM Survivors, especially from this site. How nice of your friend to pick you up and make the whole experience so nice for you. Feel free to give her a shout out here should you choose to do so.

I posted this originally on the old site. I have gotten to know this friend I met through AVM Survivors. She is the mom of someone who has an AVM now. She lives 15 miles away, and she has been here many times. I really enjoy knowing her.