Hey friends,

Guess what? I have sight, reading and writing problems since my brain bleed, but guess what? I just made a birthday cake for my daughter and was able to read how to make it! Let’s hope when it comes out of the oven, it tastes good though…haha. I could not have remembered her name a year and a half ago…Amazing!

Good for you!! Baking was always one of my greatest joys and it took me a while before I attempted one of my famous cheesecakes. I’ve still got the touch, but it definitely takes me a lot longer to bake anything anymore! And I have forgotten and ingredient or two. And I have almost burned the house down a couple of times, but all in all, it’s good!


You and I are always so much alike! I used to just make something and now I have no idea how to make anything. AND my daughter said I almost burned the house down overnight when I came home from rehab…oh boy! She had to lock me in my bedroom for the first six months…

louisa…i am so proud of you…you go girl…see improvements are always happening…a big hug to you xxx

Thanks Alicia…no one but you guys know how great it is when you can do something that you used to do like baking, but it’s a big deal now! Love you all! xxxoooxxx

Well done to you Louisa hope it tasted as good as it looked :slight_smile: