I just wanted to stop and say thank you

it’s been a tough two weeks watching Nathan go through all that he’s been through…having to e-mail people left and rightand,calling and asking people to pray and even just the stress of school (it’s midterm week)

This website just amazes me…what amazes me even more are the people involved in this website…there are so many of you located in different parts of the world…many of us haven’t even met in person …yet the support and love here is just overwhelming…Ben thank you for creating this website…you gave us a chance to connect, encourage,share stories and just lift each other up. May the Lord bless you all for your kindness. You all are just so caring and sincere. Despite what our family has been going through I would like to do the same for you…if any of you ever need encouragement or a prayer know that I will always be available.

You guys rock.

<3 jaimee andaya

Hang on there my dear friend. I just have a small idea of how hard the moment is for the whole family. It is a life changing experience. After my son two craniotomies I am not the same person at all.

I also cannot thank Ben enough for creating this community. Sometimes it makes me happy and sometimes sad, thats life.

I will be praying for Nathan and for you with all my heart and love.

Jaimee, Sweet Nathan is in the prayers, hearts and thoughts of many, as are you and all the family.

You are very welcome, Jaime. How is sweet Nathan doing today?

I’m sitting her bawling my eyes out. I can’t imagine what you both are going through, not to mention what poor Nathan is experiencing. All the prayers I happen to have in my soul are now for Nathan. May God wrap his strength around this little baby and make him well. I’ll be praying…real hard!

Pam W

I know what you mea, Shalon…me too!

may god bless you and your family, my prays are with you.

xxxx margaret

you are all and will continue to be in my thoughts and prayers Jaimee, please take care

You are so welcome Jaimee. Nathan and all of you will remain in my thoughts and prayers and I will continue to have others join in. How is Nathan doing?

Lee Ann

As we all head into Thanksgiving, I have to thank Mom’s like you Jaimee. The strength that you show is just amazing, you give me a lot of inspiration to continue on. I will for sure be praying for you all. Your Nathan is such a beautiful little boy who has had to endure soo much in such a short lifetime. It says a lot about you and your husband that every picture that you have up he has a wonderful smile on his little face! I really hope that tomorrow is a good day with lots of joy and love! I will ask that God keep you all safe. Jody:)

jaimee, my love and prayers will forever be with u.

margaret xxx