I just had a thought

I saw a commercial on TV that had a whole group of people doing yoga in a park and I thought…

Here’s a silver lining to the gray cloud - I’ve got a guaranteed excuse to never have to do yoga!

And that’s about as deep as it goes on a Friday night.




What’s the excuse? I need to know. For me, I think it would be incompetence!

Interestingly some years ago, I was at a “team building” event and one of the challenges was to be blindfolded and walk through a “minefield”, guided by someone telling you “left a bit” or “right a bit” using whistles and bells rather than words. Most teams did this by lifting the foot and moving it side to side until the sound indicated “ok” then moving to the next step but I couldn’t stand on one foot with a blindfold. So we adapted our approach to go through the field on all-fours, like a gecko on hot sand! I can’t remember if we won or not but I think it’s possible we did, because of being able to take bigger strides and never falling over.

If ever anyone here feels they would be useless at such a challenge (having similar or worse balance to me) remember to think outside the bounds of the obvious and you may do even better than the apparently “able bodied”!



I can see that working in that situation. However, there appear to be many number of “poses” in yoga that my system would not be able to stay balanced for and instead of a yoga class it would be a “TJ Humor” class. So, nah, I’ll skip yoga and see if I can work my way back into golf…


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So mostly a balance thing. Yes, I’m with you on that.

I think, if you did want to have a go at yoga (and I’m sure many afficionados would tell you it’s very good for you) the right thing to do would be to say to the leader “Look, I have real balance issues, are there compromises I could do and still be in a class or is it crazy to consider?” And they might have some ideas on how you could reasonably take part. Or you might present some challenges too far.

Golf sounds great, though it often takes a long time.

I’m doing a half-decent amount of walking these days – I could do with doing more – and depending on whether it’s just me (I can go where I like) or with Mrs D (we are limited by an affliction of hers) I take to the hills or stay on the flat.

My walking partner weighs approximately 13 lbs, will go wherever I do and whenever I do. Oh and he’s got white fur all over and loves to wag his tail at me.

We went 3 miles yesterday - a record for me since my episodes earlier this year.

And for the record, I have no desire to do yoga, I was commenting on it because I have a legitimate excuse not to, whereas, before 2021, I really had no legitimate excuse.

I will soon be taking up biking again - and I haven’t ridden a bike without pain since 6th grade. The rehab hospital that I spent almost 3 weeks at has a foundation and one of the things they do is make it possible for their patients to get into bikes that will help them get exercise within their limits. Wait, so you can’t do yoga because of balance but you can ride a bike?

It’s got 3 wheels. I’ll write more about it once I actually have it and have a chance to use it.

Since my wife works three to four 12 hour shifts a week and I’m not able to drive (will be at least August according to the doctor last week - given I’ve got one more embolization next month) having a bike will expand my world well beyond our condo.

And that’s all I’ve got for the moment. Hope you all have a good week and are able to balance what the world seems to want from you with what is truly best for you…



Sounds really good.

= Having a good excuse not to do yoga
plus the bike
plus the dog

Have a good week!


good luck!! The more you incorporate balance challenges into your routine, the better your balance will get! Yoga included!

a similar statement would be…I can’t lift weights because I’m not strong enough. I wish you the best!


On my 60th Birthday (4 years before my AVM was discovered) I ran in a 5 mile mud run with my kids (along with going sky diving). It always had a problem keeping my balance and the mud run had a number of obstacles where I needed to walk over a log or balance on a beam to avoid falling in the water. I just jumped in the damn water every time and waded to the other side. More than one way to complete the race.

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