I have had my op!

Had my AVM and aneurysm removed last Wednesday. All went well. Had a bit of pain for a few days but nothing that I thought I was going to have.
The Doctors and Surgeons were very supportive, however my Wife and I had to really push them for answers regarding post op recovery and what support I would or would not need which I felt was pretty poor.
Feel extremely tired most of the time and my sleep patterns are all over the place.
I am advised this will improve over the weeks.

Just taking it easy and relaxing.

You sound terrific and just like yourself, Stuart! How wonderful! I'm glad you are taking it easy.

Congratulations Stuart! You sound like you’re doing very well, will be praying for you to continue healing!! Sleep all u want :slight_smile: it helps your brain heal

Congratulations on your surgery! Definitely get lots of rest and dont push yourself too much. Make sure you drink plenty of water and for me a low carb diet seemed to help my healing. But really eat what your body is craving!

Congratulations, Stuart!

Great news!

That is great.congratulations for successful surgery.Get well soon,my prayers are with you.

Congratulations, Stuart on your successful surgery! :)
May your recovery continue to be smooth & as others suggested, don't forget to rest, rest, rest & allow your body to heal.

Congrats on a successful surgery. Rest up and best wishes for continued great recovery.

Nice to hear Stuart. Sounds like you are recovering nicely. Keep on relaxing and remember to be kind to yourself in the recovery stage. Believe me, it helps!

Congrats! Sounds like things are going well. Be a good boy and rest! That has been the hardest part for me.

Wishing you a fast and complete recovery!

I am so glad it all went fine!! Just sleep when you can!!! Your brain needs energy to heal, so its going to drain you!! It is all going to fall into place, just sleep when you are tired, dont force staying awake. The more you rest the better you will feel the better you will heal too :)