I have brain swelling after GKRS

I had an MRI and saw my neurosurgeon at UK Chandler hospital in Lexington Kentucky. He said my AVM has shrunk a little, but I have swelling around it. He didn’t order any medicine because I’m a diabetic. He wants an angiogram soon. But said if I get worse headaches or am nauseous,
Call immediately and he’ll treat it. Is this good? Normal? Should he have treated the swelling.

In short, yes, this is normal. The swelling often comes as a result of the surrounding tissues being affected by the changes. It’s often the actual treatment the results in swelling, it’s your body’s way of protecting itself from change, but it ‘should’ settle.
As you’ve been advised if it gets worse, then act promptly, but otherwise it’s a case of slowly, slowly.

Hope things settle soon.
Merl from the Moderator Support Team.

Thank you for the information.

I second Merl, completely normal. Some folks need a course of steroids to help settle it, does show up months after the initial treatment usually. I had some and just looked at it as Gamma Knife sealing things up. Take Care, John.

That makes me feel better, thank you

Hi Linda! I recently had the same thing happen to me as well. Got rounds of GKRS, was told my AVM shrunk a little (woohoo!) but I did have brain swelling. It’s normal, so don’t worry (: I hope you feel better, take care!

That makes me feel better. Thank you.