I have an Idea!

Hello Everyone!

I’ve been thinking. Since AVM’s are so rare; and we need to bring more attention to our plight; let’s have some fun in the process while still getting the word out; here’s what I mean. This year let’s have a NCAA March Madness Basketball pool for AVM survivors; no money of course just for bragging rights. Regardless of what college or university you may or may not have attended; or even a basketball fan; the goal is getting everyone to fill out a bracket on one of the big websites; I will set it up; and just by chance we could have an AVM survivor who finishes strong in the national rankings; bringing some attention to our disease. Since it’s free to setup and participate; and it’s one of the biggest 3 week sporting events in the world; why not give this a shot…You never know what may happen.

I would love to hear feedback!

Take care